About Us

Runescarred 2018 (L to R): Josh, Ven, Skunk, Tim, Payton
Rising out of the ashes of Austin legends Dead Earth Politics and joining forces with regional heroes Southern Front, Runescarred are hurtling towards success. Veterans of a thousand nights on the road and countless packed clubs, they have worked hard to polish their distinct prog metal assault and confidently stand beside some of the biggest names in the genre as talented musicians and songwriters. The dynamic voice of frontman Ven Scott guides the band from titanic highs to stunning lows and sees the group fusing the musical stylings of everyone from Lamb Of God to Iron Maiden.

RUNESCARRED are a progressive metal and rock powerhouse who, since their inception on June 27, 2017, have made a tremendous name for themselves. Having released their critically acclaimed E.P., We Are, in conjunction with their single “Being God”, the quintet has garnered global praise. Features in Metal Hammer, Loudwire, Decibel and Power Play are only a few examples of their worldwide notice.

With the release of The Distant Infinite drawing closer, RUNESCARRED are filling their heavy metal dance card. A powerhouse of a stage show, the band has already joined the stage with legends like Metal Church and Death Angel, as well as contemporary peers like Holy Grail. With their debut EP having been a veritable tour de force, the upcoming full length – and accompanying performances – is poised to entertain and earn more praise from fans and critics alike.

With deep roots throughout the underground, and a passion for the road that has rarely been matched, RUNESCARRED sit on the precipice of great things. Embracing the dark realities of humanity, RUNESCARRED’s music continues to explore bleak fantasy worlds and the brokenness of the human condition. Fusing groove with bombast, riffs with sonic poetry and destructive growls with transcendent cleans, there is something mesmerizing and powerful about RUNESCARRED. Just as likely to pull you into the pit as they are to bow a head in self-reflection, it’s hard not to be impressed by this Texas metal legion.